First day at EQUITANA

EQUITANA is one of the biggest European equestrian events that is held every 2 years. There are 200.000 guests expected to come; 90% of them are riders and 75% owns at least one horse. There are a 1.000 horses from 40 different breeds participating in this gigantic event. There are enough presentations and clinics to fill a 700 hour programme!

First impression

On my way from Hoenderloo, the Netherlands to Essen, Germany I had absolutely no clue what to expect. Okay, so I knew there would be horses, exhibitors and a lot of people, but that was about it. There also was this fact that this would be my first time as press at any event. EQUITANA send me some information and of course I read the website a few times to prepare myself for the upcomming event. I thought that I could just go and ‘see what happens’. Well… wrong choise! When I got to the event I walked about 2,5 hours through all these big halls. Did you know there are 12 of them?! And bonus: all these halls are filled with horses, horse lovers and stuff you can buy for your horse or yourself!

It is heaven for all us horse lovers!

But I was totally overwelmed by all of this. This blog is a project I am working on to figure out what I want with my career. To find my true passion, to find my strengths to build on, but also to find my weaknesses so I can develop myself and grow as a person. These upcomming days is a first of everything. 20170323_144027.jpg
It is my first time as a journalist, the first time that I go to an event on my onw, the first time I booked a hotel where I am going to stay by myself. There are all firsts. But it is a great opportunity to learn from. And that alone is a reason to just do it. I think it is important to get out of  your comfort zone now and then. To try new things. I am proud of myself for going to EQUITANA on my own, not knowing how the next few days will be.

Exhibitors, programme and show

About 860 exhibitors will be presenting their goods, services and innovations at EQUITANA in 9 different Product Worlds. These Product Worlds are:










You can find a list of exhibitors, floor plans of the different halls and a lot of additional information relating to the exhibition centre and the themes of the different halls on the
website of Equitana.


The programme split innine days of non-stop displays, educational and informative lectures, breed shows and amazing acts in the seven arenas and two forums at EQUITANA. The evening events in particular give you the opportunity to dream and are spectacular to watch!  There are different theme days:

  • KID’S DAY – Saturday, 18th March
  • BREEDERS DAY – Sunday 19th March
  • TRAINERS’ DAY – Monday 20th March
  • DRIVING DAY – Tuesday, 21st March
  • SPORT HORSE DAY – Wednesday, 22nd March
  • WESTERN DAY – Thursday, 23rd March
  • HORSEMANSHIP DAY – Friday 24th March
  • PONY DAY – Saterday, 25th March
  • BAROQUE HORSE DAY – Sunday, 26th March



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