How about a career change?

A lot of girls have the dream to work in the equestrian branch. My dream was to be a top rider and train horses to the highest level possible. I wanted a stable of my own and be my own boss. Now that I graduated from Equestrian Sports I learned a lot about the branch. My dreams have changed. There are so much more possibilities and today I want to share them with you guys.

What you first think of when you hear ‘equestrian branch’

When you ask someone what they think of when they hear the words ‘equestrian branch’ is often ‘rider’, ‘groom’, ‘instructor’ or ‘stable hand’. Mostly followed by the question “why do you want to work in the horse branch? 90% of your days will be mucking out stalls.” When I first told my parents I wanted to be a professional rider when I grow up they weren’t that scared. I was about 14 years old. It started out as horse breeder, then I wanted to join the mounted police and later on I wanted to be a professional rider. But when it got more serious, more and more people criticised my dreams. I wouldn’t be paid enough to make a living and all I would do was shoveling manure, or the worst one that I wasn’t talented enough. Like, how motivating right? Of course the more people said this, the more I wanted to prove them wrong. That is just who I am.

Luckily my parents wanted me to do the things that make me happy, so I still went to NHB Deurne to study Equestrian Sports. I learned that it wasn’t my destiny to work at a stable. Eight month passed by since I graduated and I started to realise that there are much more job functions to do in the horse branch. So, is it true that the only thing you would do in the horse branch is shoveling manure? I don’t think so. I did a little research about job functions.

Functions in the equestrian branch

Lets start with the obvious:
Professional rider – breaker – groom – jockey – farrier – breeder – instructor – stable manager – broodmare managers – stallion manager – performance coach – judge – saddle maker

So, what about jobs in welfare? Well… What do you think of being a:
Equine veterinarian – equine veterinary technicians –  revalidation specialist – physiotherapist – chiropractic physician – acupuncturist – naturopathic practitioner – equine massage therapist – osteopathic physicians – nutritionist – equine dental technician – therapeutic riding instructor – welfare organisation board member – (government) inspector

But there is more to do. Have you ever thought of these professions?:
Event manager – journalist – photographer – painter – illustrator – fashion designer – tack designer – landscape designer – architect – graphic designer – writer – store manager – sales assistant – tv presenter – film director – film double – stunt rider – lawyer – account manager – horse insurance – mounted police officer


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